Senior Services

The Center has been responding to the needs of the elderly for over 29 years. Our Senior Services program addresses the challenge of helping the elderly enjoy a better quality of life and remain safely in their homes.

Saturday Meal Delivery to the Homebound: This volunteer driven program resulted from an unmet community need and provides the homebound elderly with a freshly prepared and nutritious meal. For each new participant in the program, a home visit is scheduled to assess the living situation and potential ways in which the Center can have a positive effect on the safety and quality of life of the individual. These visits often bring to light client needs that the Center can immediately address: food, clothing, shelter and utility assistance, etc.  They also alert us to unmet needs that are crucial to the overall safety and well-being of the elderly.

Minor Home Repairs: This program provides assistance for a wide variety of tasks that are difficult for many seniors to perform alone, such as:

Further assessment identified a number of home repair and maintenance needs that exceed minor repairs and are crucial to the safety of the elderly- crumbling or broken steps; broken windows; entry doors with no locks; no smoke alarms; lack of wheelchair ramp, etc. This program is also staffed by volunteers.

Legal Assistance: The necessity for free legal assistance to the elderly is addressed. The Center's staff attorney provides assistance in a wide variety of areas such as:

Medical Assistance: Medical Matters benefits the medically fragile - the elderly, the underserved and the medically indigent. It works to resolve health issues by providing prescription medication payments and durable medical goods (hearing aids, eye glasses, dentures, prosthetic devices, portable oxygen, etc.). Clients are assisted in locating resources to support their ongoing medical needs

Emergency Assistance: A full range of services are provided: assistance with rent and utility payments, food, clothing and transportation.

To learn more about the Legal Assistance program call 816-931-9942 or email:

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