Redemptorist Social Services Center

Wish List


The staff of the Center takes great pride in controlling our overhead costs - quite evident if you have ever toured our building! We re-use and re-cycle whenever possible, and we squeeze every penny out of every dollar we get. It isn't that we're tight with our money (which we are!), it simply means that anything we can do without or do ourselves means that much more to apply to our programs of assistance for individuals and families in need. We gratefully thank the many generous donors who make our wishes happen!


~ The Center's Biggest Wishes~

* HEAVY DUTY paper shredder

* Four wheel collapsible grocery carts for our elderly and/or handicapped clients

* Cargo van for picking up hundreds of pounds of weekly food donations


Ongoing Wishes

Lovingly used dishes, silverware, pots & pans (nothing has to match)

Blankets, towels, sheets and pillows (doesn't have to be a set)

Small sized containers of laundry soap

Personal hygiene items for men and women: soap, toothpaste & toothbrushes, hair brushes & combs, shampoo, lotion, chapstick, disposable razors, feminine hygiene products, Depends undergarments.

Men's clothing and shoes


~The above items are like gold to our clients~


We Wished Upon A Star




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